Detailing Brushes and Lilly Brushes BACK IN STOCK!!!

Posted by James Stauffer on

We are back in business and preorders are being packaged up today! I got in a huge shipment of Detailing Brushes and Lilly Brushes. I want to thank everyone who has placed a preorder and been patiently waiting for the new stock to arrive. True commitment to this brand I am building and incredible support from amazing people. 

Thank you all and I have 2 new products I will be offering soon so keep an eye out for those over the next month. 

Happy Friday and see you in the next video on Stauffer Garage


  • You and your wife are horrible people. To purposely seek out a special needs child only to give up on him! All for subscribers and views! Nothing but money hungry, fame whores. Completely ruining a young child’s life by uprooting him from China just to give up on him! Hope lily brush stops working with you! Never buying from you again!


  • Never do business with you! You and your wife are evil people! What you ve done to your autistic son is unimaginable!

    Emma on

  • James and his wife adopted a special needs child for views, likes and content. Once they got the fame they wanted they put him back into the adoption process. Also when they sent the child away they took a vacation to Bali with the money they made from their YouTube vids. Any and all money given to this company and family is undeserved and I would highly suggest going elsewhere for your needs.

    Michael Tobin on

  • My name is James and I did not like my son with disabilities so I got rid of him. After me and my wife soaked up the money and views on social media we figured it was best to cut ties and get a new baby for more money and sponsorships.

    James Stauffer on

  • Wife holds all the power. husband James is a cuck and in no way shape or form a man. Can’t trust them with kids don’t trust them with your business.

    Myka Stauffer on

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