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Ultra Thick Mega Car Detailing Drying Towel

$34.99 USD

You have seen this ultra thick mega drying towel in action in my videos! This single towel is capable of drying an entire vehicle with ease. This ultra thick twisted car drying towel absorbs double the volume of water of a regular twist pile drying towel and is 1000GSM in weight and measures 36"x24".

How to care for your microfiber towels:
Wash in warm water with mild detergent without any additives or scents (Tide Free for example). Do not use fabric softeners because they clog up the fibers that give these towels the ability to catch dirt and liquid. Do not wash your microfiber towels with other fabrics since micrfiber towels will become lint magnets. Lastly tumble dry on low heat and your towels will come out looking good as new and ready for your next detail.