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Fox Tail Pet Hair Remover Detailing Brush

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The Fox Tail Pet Hair Remover Detailing Brush is here and this tool will help you remove and rid your carpet, car seats and even your furniture of stubborn pet hair. I have used many different types of pet hair removal brushes in the past and this design for me is not only the most ergonomic but also the most efficient at removing pet hair with its double bladed design. It is easy to hold, safe for any surface and shaped to fit the curves and crevices of your couch or car. This will be your new favorite weapon for fighting fur!

When using your Fox Tail Pet Hair Brush be sure to vacuum the surface to be cleaned first. Use short, quick strokes for the best results when removing pet hair from car fabric or home furniture. 

Customer Reviews

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Great tool

I’ve seen this tool used in a bunch of videos and wanted to get it for personal and car details as well. After trying it out this thing kicks butt at removing pet hair from the surface! Highly recommend!

Great Tool!

I bought the fox detail pet hair remover detailing brush for my car seats. I personally do not own a dog, but with my car being used, the previous owner had a dog and a lot of dog hairs were embedded in the seat belt buckles, the flooring, in between the seats, everywhere! This creeped me out so bad, so I went straight to and purchased this amazing product!

Get this product because it works wonders! If you have a dog for inside and outside the house (especially if you have a husky! I know huskies shed like crazy!)

Gustavo Sanchez-Morales
Product did what it was attended to do

Product did what it was attended to do but the Brussels where kinda to soft and it made it a little more difficult to use since I had to put more force to be able to get the hairs out other then that product worked well and I will continue to shop here

Condee Rogers
Is pet hair a problem?

This brush is a must if you have pet hair on your fabric or carpet. My mistake was waiting too long to get one.

Lisa Chambers
Best Lint remover ever

I have a long-haired cat and her hair gets everywhere. I seem to track it into my car. I have not fully detailed my car yet with the Fox Clean products yet, but I used this just to see how it would perform. I started with the standard sticky tape roller. Then I used the Fox Tail brush and it picked up everything else. My car is new (as of last July) and my cat has never been inside it, but what I got up from the brush make it look like she has been inside the car daily. So, I used it on my household furniture, and I am impressed. I will probably buy another one just in case, and am very happy with this product.