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Ultra Plush Edgeless Microfiber Towels (3-pack)

$12.99 USD

*Ultra Plush Edgeless Microfiber Towels (3-pack)

After extensive testing, I have nailed down the perfect ultra plush microfiber towel to tackle both interior and exterior cleaning needs. These towels are sold in packs of 3. Each towel is 500GSM in weight (tons of fibers per square meter!) and measures 16"x16" or 40cmx40cm is size. They are edgless so you don't have to worry about scratching your paint when buffing and come in gray, black, or orange colors. These towels have proven to last with mulitple wash cycles and come out just as plush as when they are new!

How to care for your microfiber towels:
Wash in warm water with mild detergent without any additives or scents (Tide Free for example). Do not use fabric softeners because they clog up the fibers that give these towels the ability to catch dirt and liquid. Do not wash your microfiber towels with other fabrics since micrfiber towels will become lint magnets. Lastly tumble dry on low heat and your towels will come out looking good as new and ready for your next detail. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Nice and soft

I bought these towels after watching his YouTube video’s. I wanted to try them out just to see how soft and plush they are. They are great better than other’s that I purchased from other places. I would recommend buying.

Clifton Sargent
Works great

I was upset at first when I got my 3 dry towels due to how small they are? When I watched the video on YouTube they looked big so I assumed I would get the same size, I’m assuming it was like a lord or the rings kinda set up to make them look bigger then they are REGARDLESS I washed my Benz that night and only had to use 1 towel!!!!! Legit 1 dried my GLK350, I love these things! Great product

Bill Pitts
Game Changer

These towels create a much better finish and more efficient than other towels. They are a game changer for my businesses.

Jamie Parker
Will keep ordering

Always a great idea when detailing, feels good on your hand and a handy tool to have in your detailing arsenal! You won’t be disappointed!