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FALL 2020 SPECIAL! Get 3 Blue, 3 Grey MF Towels & A Set Of Detailing Brushes

$30.99 USD

FALL 2020 SPECIAL! Get 3 Blue & 3 Grey Towel w/ A Set Of Detailing Brushes

1 Set Of Detailing Brushes (3 Pack)

3 Light Blue Ultra Plush Edgeless Microfiber Towels

3 Grey Ultra Plush Edgeless Microfiber Towels

These car detailing brushes are made from synthetic fibers that are soft and durable to not scratch your paint, be gentle on the finest of leathers and for any nook or cranny in your car. Three different sized brushes are included in each set to make sure you have the right sized detailing brush for the job.

Each towel is 500GSM in weight (tons of fibers per square meter!) and measures 16"x16" or 40cmx40cm is size. They are edgless so you don't have to worry about scratching your paint when buffing. 

How to care for your microfiber towels:
Wash in warm water with mild detergent without any additives or scents (Tide Free for example). Do not use fabric softeners because they clog up the fibers that give these towels the ability to catch dirt and liquid. Do not wash your microfiber towels with other fabrics since micrfiber towels will become lint magnets. Lastly tumble dry on low heat and your towels will come out looking good as new and ready for your next detail. 
Need to see how to use these detailing brushes? See my videos on Youtube at Stauffer Garage for tutorials to up your detailing game no matter how nasty the job.