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Mint Shine All-Purpose Cleaner (APC)

Mint Shine All-Purpose Cleaner (APC)

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Want the best APC on the market? Mint Shine APC is proudly manufactured and bottled in the USA with unmatched cleaning power for any mess you are tackling! Not to mention the best smelling and non agitating to those with sensitive nose holes. This all-purpose cleaner can be used throughout the interior and exterior including upholstery to get your car clean no matter what the mess, dirt, or grime you encounter. Cleaning carpets, seats, engines, and even heavily contaminated paint can be tackled with Mint Shine APC.

All Mint Shine products are proudly Made In The USA


Spray directly on any exterior surface with loose dirt or grease and agitate and rinse thoroughly with a high pressure washer to ensure all product is rinsed away. Specific brushes may be required depending on surface being cleaned to agitate stubburn dirt/debris. For interior surfaces, spray directly on surface and use a detailing brush to loosen any dirt and grime. Use a clean soft microfiber towel to wipe away dirt and APC to reveal a cleaned surface. Repeat if necessary for dirtier components.

Key Features:
  •  Grape Scented
  •  Insane foaming action
  •  Dissolve dirt & grime
  •  Powerful interior and exterior cleaner 
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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
David Crouse
Yeah baby!!

Used mint shine to detail interior of wifes car, definitely worth it !! 😏

Melanie G.
And the floor mats are STILL clean!

I drive truck for a construction company. Track dirt, oil and tar everywhere it seems. I used this cleaner with the drill brush and Voila! Like new! This was two weeks ago! And still shiny! Incredible. Im still in awe.
Oh, yes. The fragrance is phenomenal. :)

Joseph Root
Love Mint Shine

Grat product!!

Antony Hernandez
Ol' Reliable! Saves Time and Money

I call it ol' reliable for its versatility and efficiency, because this all purpose cleaner cleans and shines like no other product out there. You usually need a cleaner, protectant, and air freshner which takes more time and money to do while this Mint Shine APC does it all! Pair this bad boy up with drill brushes, detail brushes, and microfiber cloths (which are all great products too!) and you have the potential to make your ride look showroom quality. My 2022 Palisade and my 2016 Sonata look better than the day they were sold to us (both were "professionally detailed"). I did great on my last detail thanks to Stauffer's tips and advice so it's worth subscribing to his Youtube channel.

Kim Armstrong

This was my first time trying this product. I have to say this product does what it says. It's a awesome product and I will be purchasing it again.