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Mint Shine Supreme Ceramic Spray Coating

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Mint Shine Supreme Ceramic Spray is an evolutionary product that is unmatched to anything on the market in 30% silica content and ease of use. Galactic Ceramic Spray ceramic layer protects the surface from dirt embedding into the paint surface so washing your vehicle is easier and keeps an incredible shine. Hydrophobic properties will bead water like you’ve never seen before and has UV protection to keep your paints clear coat protected from the suns rays. To ensure Galactic Ceramic Spray lasts (up to 8 months), use Ultra Suds Soap to not degrade the coating.

All Mint Shine products are proudly Made In The USA


  • Ensure vehicle is washed using Ultra Suds Soap or similar soap to remove dirt and grime.
  • Clay bar surface may be necessary to ensure no contaminants are still on the surface.
  • Dry vehicle and make sure vehicle is out of direct sunlight
  • Mist 3-4 trigger squeezes of Galactic Ceramic Spray per panel and wipe panel to ensure full coverage of coating across panel. 
  • Use 2nd clean microfiber towel to buff remaining product off panel to leave an incredible shine and protective finish!

Key Features:

  • Insane water beading, shine and gloss
  • Lasts up to 8 months
  • Easy applicaton and ultimate protection with 30% silica content

Customer Reviews

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Brett Smollen
Galactic Ceramic Spray

First time user of ceramic spray. Washed a car with stubborn dirt and grime. Washed twice for good measure. First time clay bar user and found claying to be reassuring and quick. Applied Galactic Ceramic Spray, wiped and repeated. Easier to buff off than wax. No white wax residue to worry about at door edges and around emblems. Love that it can be sprayed on windows. Backed out of garage into a light rain and noticed the instant beading, not to mention the mirror finish. Loved it!