Stay Safe Fellow Detailers!

So... here we all are stuck in quarantine or limited on what we are able to do outside of our homes due to Covid-19. It has impacted everyone around the world and hopefully we all can start seeing a little relief here soon from the effects it is causing. I mentioned this in one of my Stauffer Garage Youtube videos that because of suppliers being shutdown for my detailing products I haven't had detailing brushes in stock since January and the same has been an issue for Lilly Brushes over the last few months. As of writing this I have less than 20 brushes left in inventory and Lilly Brush (Colorado based) is unable to go into their offices to fulfill orders. Big, small... every business is being hit and I truly appreciate everyones support, enthusiasm for new products and patience during this time. 

Now for some good news! Detailing brushes are finishing up production and I am paying extra to have them all air freighted to cut 30 days off of the shipping time. This means that in less than 15 days, we should be back in stock! I also have those insanely large and kickass drying towels in production along with the best all around microfiber towels for exterior and interior being produced. Because of the quantities and lead time, I am hoping to have those ready in mid May... crossing my fingers. A drill brush supplier has been selected and after some final testing I have a custom color combination for the soft and medium bristle brushes order pending. Those will most likely be available late summer. 

This venture has been an incredible learning experience with many late nights to talk with suppliers on the other side of the planet. Everyone who watches my videos and supports my brand is truly amazing and I can't thank you all enough. I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy during this time and I cannot wait to have these new products available this year. 


James Stauffer

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