• I’ve been washing cars for 30 years and tried everything….nothing beats this drying towel. With one swipe, it dries everything. Can handle two SUV’s being washed back to back and still have room to absorb. I’ve owned now for 12 months and works as good today as it did first time I tried it.

    - Andrew Fabrizio

    Ultra Drying Towel 
  • I call it ol' reliable for its versatility and efficiency, because this all purpose cleaner cleans and shines like no other product out there. You usually need a cleaner, protectant, and air freshner which takes more time and money to do while this Mint Shine APC does it all! My 2022 Palisade and my 2016 Sonata look better than the day they were sold to us (both were "professionally detailed"). I did great on my last detail thanks to Stauffer's tips and advice so it's worth subscribing to his Youtube channel.

    - Antony Hernandez 

    Mint Shine All-Purpose Cleaner 
  • This stuff cleans great and smells incredible. I used it on both some old leather (yuck, I can't believe how much grime and dirt it pulled up) as well as my '22 Subaru with StarTex. I know it makes my wife's week start a little bit better when she gets into her freshly detailed car on Monday morning and gets to smell this stuff. And it reminds her how much I care for her, BONUS POINTS! Lets go! Love the Mint Shine stuff!

    -Josh Reg

    Mint Shine Leather Care 
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