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Detailing Brush Set (3 Brushes)

$12.99 USD

Looking to elevate your detailing game? Check out the #1 recommended tool to add to your car detailing arsenal to get your exterior and interior looking amazing. These car detailing brushes are made from synthetic fibers that are soft and durable to not scratch your paint, be gentle on the finest of leathers and for any nook or cranny in your car. Three different sized brushes are included in each set to make sure you have the right sized detailing brush for the job. 

Need to see how to use these detailing brushes? See my videos on Youtube at Stauffer Garage for tutorials to up your detailing game no matter how nasty the job. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews

By far one of the best quality brushes I’ve used

Great brushes

Brushes work really great! The different sizes really help you reach a great deal of places

Mark Albury
first time user

well i was able to use one of the brushes today i washed one of my cars. i liked it and was able to clean in the crevasses around the doors and lug nuts,

Brian Comet
got them in two days

got them in two days

Susan Armstrong
Love these brushes

When I decided to buy these brushes, I bough two sets because I knew that not only would they be wonderful for the purpose they were intended but I knew I could use them for household reasons as well. I use the smallest one for cleaning out the reusable K-cups, I use the medium one for cleaning lots of things that have crooks and crannies that I can't get into with a sponge or cloth and the largest one is great for the bigger items that need a little more muscle.

I would tell anyone who is trying to decide, you should definitely get yourself a set if not more than one!